Autonomy at work?

This just in (Thanks Weisbrod!)…Netflix is introducing “autonomy” at work. According to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings:

Netflix’s time off rules–or lack thereof–are part of a broad culture of employee autonomy instilled in the company when Hastings founded it a decade ago. The executives trust staffers to make their own decisions on everything – from whether to bring their dog to the office to how much of their salary they want in cash and how much in stock options. Workers are treated, as Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord likes to say, as adults.

Read original post in Fast Company.

This has huge implications for time spent at work. Autonomy, according to scholars, is the ability to act within in accordance with one’s deepest desires. Some scholars doubt there is any such thing as autonomy (we all live in a group, we all depend on others at some points in our lives) but it’s nevertheless an interesting idea.

Autonomous time at work = time you feel is necessary to complete it. Funny enough, that’s also what Marx calls “socially necessary labour.”


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