For Agency Managers

This project seems to be getting some talk — not all of it good.

I had one person say to me (not unkindly), “Well you better make sure you offer solutions.” I have also heard people ask “Why would you study that?”

So for all you managers out there, this is for you.

Karl Marx once wrote….wait, did I lose you there? Did you just roll your eyes? Why? Do you assume that I have one way of looking at the world and whatever I might have to say would be blinded by this?

My dissertation does rely on Marx. Why? Because he was the first to look at the work/non-work divide as more than just “the way it is.” He said that the length of the working day is a political struggle, not just hours on a clock. So yes, I do look at Marx, his ideas about time, money, technology.

And Schumpeter said….wait, did I lose you? Why? Schumpter’s notion of creative desctruction doesn’t mean I think the world should continously be insecure for everyone. Creative destruction means that organizations must reinvent themselves — repeatedly.

My dissertation relies on this view too, that organizations that do not innovate are destined to die.

The findings from this study will inform workers in interactive agencies about the structures that “enable or constrain” their choices about work. This study will also inform interactive agency employers about how to structure their employees’ working experience to minimize “role conflict” between home and work, and to increase worker engagement and fulfillment. This study will also contribute to the sociological field of work and labour by providing an analysis of the political struggle within this industry over issues relating to working time, technology use, and domestic labour.

Stay tuned for solutions — they will come.


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